Monday, January 10, 2011

Like Father Like Son

Well, as I predicted, I didn't do well on the whole posting over the weekend thing, so today you get multiple posts.  On a side note, Kalyn just passed me a bag of butter toffee peanuts.  I think this needs to become a new blogging tradition.  Anyway, back to Genesis.

I once had a psychologist tell me that family dysfunctions usually last three to four generations.  I don't remember the technical term for this anymore, but I do remember him saying that at the end of the three to four generations a family has a transitional figure.  This doesn't necessarily mean that change will occur, just that it finally can occur.  Well Isaac, Abraham's son, is not that transitional figure.  In Genesis 26 we find Isaac all grown up and married.  And what adult decision does he make?  When people ask about his wife he tells them that she is his sister, and why not?  That's what dad did.  Except there's one main difference between Isaac and Abraham.  Abraham committed to the lie.  It was only when God let the Pharaoh and Abimelech discover the truth of Sarah that they found out.  Isaac, on the other hand, gets caught fondling his "sister."  Abraham should have told his son that when you pretend your wife is your sister, don't try to fool around.  That might have been good, fatherly advice...

Stopping point: Genesis 26

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