Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When God Interprets

While Joseph is in prison he makes the statement, "Do not interpretations belong to God?"  I've been thinking about that statement a bit more since reading it, and as I've done so I had an idea pop into my head.  Interpretation implies the valuing of some things and the devaluing of others.  Interpretation implies providing a sense of purpose.  When Joseph allows God to be the god who interprets, he also allows God to be the god who gives meaning, a God who brings order out of the chaos of life.  We begin to see this with Joseph as he interacts with his brothers.  At a surface level the story is about Joseph and his brothers, but underneath much more is going on.  Underneath the family interactions is the question of whether anyone in Joseph's family will survive the famine.  Underneath the family interactions is the question: Will God be able to keep his promise to Abraham and help his family thrive?  Beyond that is the question of whether God will be able to use this family to work against the broken machinery of Genesis chapter three.  That is the meaning we can see imparted to Joseph because of his willingness to let God interpret his life and use him for God's purposes.  When we allow God to interpret without forcing our own perceptions and limitations on our lives, it seems God can provide quite a meaning.  When God interprets, prepare to be surprised.

Stopping point: Genesis 45

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