Friday, February 4, 2011

Potāto Potăto, Tomāto Tomăto

I don't have much to say over today's reading, but there is one thing I read that made me chuckle.  Leviticus chapter 13 discusses skin diseases, or more specifically what constitutes a skin disease.  As a side note, it's important to know that when ancient authors used the label "leprosy" they didn't mean the modern medical understanding of leprosy, which is a disease that affects a person's nerves.  Leprosy was the ancient world's way of describing any skin disease at all.  It was a very broad term.  Having said that, in chapter 13 there's a long discussion on what to do if a white bump shows up on the skin.  If the hair does not die in the follicle, the individual has to be quarantined for seven days and then reinspected to see if the bump has gone away.  If not, and the hair is still alive, the person has to wait another seven days.  Here's what I found amusing.  If the bump goes away and has not spread on the skin, the person is considered clean because it was only an "eruption," or at least that's how the NRSV translates it.  In other words, never mind, it was only a zit.  I feel sorry of the little Levite boys and girls going through puberty.  Zit, eruption. Potāto, potăto.

Stopping point: Leviticus 13

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