Sunday, February 27, 2011

Through With Numbers

So, I finished Numbers.  I find it a fascinating and frustrating book.  It a weird way, it's frustrating aspects lend credence to its historical nature.  I know for some readers that statement will send up a red flag.  It might sound like something a fundamentalist would say.  If so, oh well, but seriously, who would make up such unflattering things about him or herself?  If I'm going to make up my own history, I'm not going to make myself out to be a bumbling idiot who, in the end, gets myself killed wandering around in a desert.  Would you?  I'm going to make myself out to be the hero, the guy who makes great choices.  I'd make sure Moses made it to the Promised Land.  Anyhow, for those of you reading through numbers with me, I hope you enjoyed the book and were rewarded by the discipline of reading it.

Stopping point: Numbers 36

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