Friday, March 11, 2011

Taking My Own Medicine

So last night Kalyn and I were laying in bed, about to zonk out, when she said something to this effect, "BJ, people have said they're sorry."  That is not the beginning of a conversation I want to have at midnight, but I'm glad she had the courage to say something after reading yesterday's post.  As I said yesterday, I find myself a mix of thoughts and emotions as I try to come to terms with the last three years and what this next year may be like.  I wasn't thinking very clearly yesterday, and I let my hurt skew my memory of the past.  Kalyn gave me one good example of when a person who had hurt me deeply came into my office and genuinely said, "I was wrong.  I'm sorry," ...the very thing I said no one had said.

So now I get to take my own advice.  Yesterday's post wasn't fair.  It wasn't accurate.  I was speaking out of pain, and seldom are we able to see clearly when we do that.  It was not right for me to paint things in negative colors only.  I am sorry.

Also, thank you, Kalyn, for being willing to say the hard things I don't want to hear when I need to hear them.  I love you.

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  1. Words are everything. They can bind us up or set us free. Love, Aunt Debra