Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pride Before The Fall

Sorry for only one post last week.  I missed my regular Tuesday post, and then blogger was down for maintenance Wednesday through Friday...or Thursday...it was down....  Anyhow, I'm back up and running this week.

In II Chronicles chapter twenty-six we can read the story of King Uzziah.  I vaguely remember studying him in my Critical Intro to the Old Testament class as a Junior in College.  The thing I remember as really strange about King Uzziah is the fact that very little is said about him considering how important and influential a king he was for Judah.  Archeologists have uncovered many of his building projects.  Other than King Herod, I can't think of another Israelite king who built as many cities and sites, at least not off the top of my head.  II Kings barely mentions him at all.  At least Chronicles gives him a chapter.

I can't read his story without remembering a trip I took with my college chorus to Searcy, Arkansas.  We were there to participate in a large concert featuring a number of college and university choruses.  From what I was told at the time, my college's chorus had been there once before, and that time they were the only one to receive a standing ovation.  On top of that, after listening to the other choruses during rehearsals, we were one of the best (if not the best) chorus there.  As is prone to happen with college age people, this had gone to our heads.

It just so happened that I was asked to lead the chorus in a brief devotional before our concert.  For some reason the story of Uzziah is what kept popping into my head for a topic.  I can't say my devotional was the most popular devotional of all time.  Uzziah was a great king, a builder king, a military genius when it came to weaponry, but in the end it all went to his head.  He tried to usurp the role of priest, and was given leprosy as punishment.  I told my chorus that if we went into this concert with a similar attitude, the same might happen to us.

And sure enough, it did.

It was a terrible concert.  We weren't in tune.  Our tempo was all over the place.  Our director was irate.  Not only did we not receive a standing ovation from the crowd of hundreds, the clapping was pretty sparse in general.  Leprosy it was not, but humiliating all the same.

I can't ever read this story without thinking back to that concert, and I can't ever think about getting a big head without thinking of this story.  Like the old adage says, pride does come before the fall.

Stopping point: II Chronicles 27

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