Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'll Be Back...I Promise

Just a quick note to say I'm sorry for falling so far behind in my posts.  I spent last week on the road and fell behind on both my reading and my posting.  My grandfather has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he is expected to pass very soon.  All the family, except my brother-in-law, has been able to spend time with my grandfather over this last week.  I was able to tell him I love him and help take him to the doctor while I was there.  My grandfather was never the loud, boisterous type, at least as long as I knew him, but he has been a strong, silent, steady presence for me and my family.  As those of you who have lost family members already know, it will feel very strange not having him with us.  It's hard not to think about things you could have said or maybe should have said at times like this, but I was able to tell him I loved him, and that is the most important thing to say.

I'll begin posting more regularly as I catch up on my reading.

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