Thursday, July 7, 2011

Know When To Fold 'Em

Okay, so my attempt to read three psalms a day has gone...well, not at all.  So, I decided to just play catch up, which I finally did today.  As of today, I have read through Psalm 119, which by the way, is one huge psalm.  That means I'm actually ahead in my reading, since I began reading in Proverbs too!  To those of you who have been reading three psalms a day for years, my hat goes off to you.

If some of you have been wondering why I'm not posting as often as I used to, to tell the truth, the book of Psalms doesn't stimulate me all that much as far as blogging ideas goes.  If I think of anything, I'll be sure to write about it.

Stopping point: Psalm 119

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