Friday, July 15, 2011

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

See, this alone I found, that God made human beings straightforward, but they have devised many schemes. –Ecclesiastes 7:29

It is amazing how often the theme of the Fall shows itself in different books and different genres throughout the Bible.  In Ecclesiastes, the fall shows itself in Qohelet’s acknowledgment that things are not the way they were meant to be.  Humanity has caused its own harm.  The frustration with Ecclesiastes, and the author basically says this himself, is that humanity cannot pull things back around.  The only available option is to try to enjoy the little happinesses in life.  What else is there when death is the final arbiter of existence?

Without the restorative, re-creating power of God, life is nothing but vanity.  Is it any wonder that the New Testament writers saw the work God did in Jesus as such good news?  In Jesus, the story was redirected.  As death came through Adam and the Fall, life came through Jesus and the resurrection.  “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity,” is no longer the final word.  If life is more than a puff of smoke, that re-interprets things.  Praise God.

Stopping point: Ecclesiastes 8

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  1. As church of Christ -ers, we are taught that the Bible is infallible. Is it fair to say that Ecclesiastes got it wrong, though? It is argueing that this life is vanity, and we know that is not the case.