Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lazarus Was Dangerous Too

Just a short post for today, but apparantly Lazarus needed to die with Jesus.  John is the only one to point this out in his gospel (well, to be totally honest, I didn't double check that factoid, but I think I'm right).  Apparently, nothing is more dangerous than a person coming back from the grave.

I never really notice that blip of information until I taught 7th grade Bible four years ago.  All the Gospels note that the religious leaders in Jerusalem wanted Jesus dead, but only John points out how the religious leaders also percieved the people Jesus healed as dangerous...and I find the reasoning rather intersting.

Rome will tear down our temple....

Jesus (and all that he was doing) was going to ruin their church.  How dare he!  Now granted, the Jewish leaders were right to fear Rome.  After all, forty-ish years later, the Roman army came and wiped Judea off the map, just as the Jews had feared.  Still, churchism isn't anything new.

Stopping point: John 13

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